We exist to facilitate the innovation and evolution of natural footwear

How? By working with makers and manufacturers to create better footwear. better for humans and better for Mother Earth.

What? We create fully customizable foot shaped lasts and offer consulting services to share our knowledge of the human foot with design teams around the world. 



We work for the people and have embarked on a journey to help evolve footwear. 

We serve footwear makers, manufacturers and the customers they serve.

We believe the foot has everything it needs to function perfectly and our job is to help create durable foot protection that moves with the foot instead of against it. 

We are committed to the relentless pursuit of excellence. We listen intently to feedback from our stakeholders and work to continually evolve the products we help create.

We don't compromise. We work for the people and are committed to doing things differently. Radical transparency with the people and organizations we partner with and a promise to be relentless in improving our ability to contribute positively to footwear innovation.



To be an ally for individuals and companies working to create better footwear. Footwear that enhances foot function instead of damaging our feet. Footwear that is shaped according to the human foot. Footwear that is made in alignment with the natural world. 

Stripping away unnecessary elements, incorporating less materials but better materials and creating foot protection that adapts to our feet and allows uninhibited movement. 

To foster radical innovation and expanding what's possible in the space of footwear manufacturing.  


We're here to disrupt:

1) How footwear is designed. Because It's not about the shoe, its about the foot

2) How footwear is made. Because simple is better

3) How footwear is sized. Because you should be able to measure your foot with a ruler and know your size

4) How footwear is sold. We choose to support local business, eliminate retail and work directly with our community

5) How business is done. The people who purchase our products are the investors. We work and answer to them and nobody else.